Bot Commands

InsertBotNameHere has many useful and fun commands

Moderation Commands

Moderate your discord server with ease!

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Music Commands

Play music from multiple sources. Including youtube and soundcloud

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Fun Commands

Have fun in your server with these commands. Includes cleverbot, 8ball, and more!

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Utility & Misc Commands

Useful utility commands to make your life easier

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[Format] name,aliases usage description Permission

Click any of the commands to see the full description and details on how to use

Moderation commands

kick  Mod

Kicks a user for a reason

config  Owner

Configure bot options for your server like prefix, roles, logs, and more

ban  Admin

Bans a user for a reason

warn  Mod

Warns a user for a reason

unban  Mod

Unban a certain user

modinfo modlog Trusted

Get moderation info for a user

mute  Mod

Mutes a user, for a specified amount of time

role  Mod

Add, remove, or change a user's roles

purge  Mod

Remove messages from everyone or a certain user up to 100 in a channel.

Utility commands

channel-info channelinfo

Gets information from a channel ID/name

role-info roleinfo

Gets information from a role ID/name

giveaway gway,gv Mod

Start & manage giveaways [WIP]


help commands

Displays the bot help command

guild-info guildinfo,guild,roles

Gets information from a guild ID/name


Get or set the prefix for the guild

docs dsjs,d.js,djs

Fetches discord.js documentation

remind remindme

Reminds you of an event later


Get the weather information for a certian area

user-info userinfo,profile

Gets information from a user ID/name

edits  Trusted

View the edit history of a message


node package mangement


Sends the raw content of your message

stats uptime,botinfo,info,metrics

Displays bot information which includes: uptime, memory usage, bot links, api versions, and more

Fun commands

coin flip

Flip a coin, either 1 or X many times

8ball eightball,ball8

The all seeing 8ball

dice die,roll

Roll a y-sided die X amount of times

choice choose

Bot will choose between all the choices given

meme ie,memes

Generate memes and stuff

1. Have an image or URL be posted and run a command. Must be within 5 messages of command. 2. Run a command, for example: `meme eclipse`

rpg rp

Play a role playing game/story

rps rockpaperscissors

Play a game of rock paper scissors

poll polls

Makes a poll of choices, up to 6 choices.

tictactoe tictac,ttoe,tic

Play a game of tic tac toe with a computer (and in the future a other player)


Gets a random XKCD post, maybe later search

Economy commands


Deposit money into the bank from your pockets


Play a game of the number guessing game

leaderboard ld,board

Get the top users in a server


Gets some currency for a server


Withdraw money from your bank into your pockets

russian-roulette rroulette,rus-rol,rusrol

Play a round with the russian roulette


Transfer your cash money to another user

Use withdraw to get money into your cash

wallet bank,atm,bal,wal,money,cash

View your bank balance, and how many cash you have

Other commands: withdraw, deposit, transfer

roulette rus

Play a round of russian roulette. Max is $1mill

slots slot,slotmachine

Play a round with the slot machine

Miscellaneous commands

queue q

Views the music queue

skip  Trusted

Skips the current playing song

play music

Play youtube music